Barb for president

If you haven't finished Stranger Things yet, stop reading this. But seriously what are you waiting for? STOP READING AND GO BINGE, BINGE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THE "ARE YOU STILL WATCHING THIS" NOTIFICATION EVEN THOUGH WE BOTH KNOW YOU HAVE

image courtesy of Netflix

image courtesy of Netflix



------------SPOILER ALERT------------


Barb: an Enigma

The world has been abuzz with all things Barb. Why? Barb is the unassuming, nerdy, prude best friend of the hottest girl (virgin?) in school. Barb is the voice of reason in Nancy's head—until she doesn't listen. And we all know what happens after that. How many times did you scream at the TV for Barb to get off that diving board, into her sweet little VW and peel her ass off into the night? At least 10? Same. 

Now, from the moment Barb agreed to go with her BFF to the party, I nodded my head in silent agreement—I feel you girl. I've been there. We've all been there. Thus, I've been inspired by this massive crowd of Barb fans. I've heard the saying, 

In a world full of Nancy's, be a Barb.

I stand by that—to a certain extent. Let us not forget Nancy ended up stepping up, realizing she made a [grave] mistake, and setting out to save Mike and the rest of the town from the upside down. I'm not saying Nancy made the best choices, but how many of us can say we came back from a mistake like her? True—Barb would be alive had it not been for Nancy dragging her to that party. Or would she? Was her fate to succumb to the upside down regardless of what happened that night? 

I don't know. 

Barb's Sony Walkman

What I do know is that Barb was a completely rad teenager and she probably would've grown up to play synth in a sweet new age band. The incredible opening theme song & music used throughout the series also inspired me, so to honor her, I put together a playlist of songs I believe Barb would've been playing over and over in her Sony Walkman (yes I am old enough to know what that is/own one—favorite tape was a Beach Boys compilation featuring "Help Me Rhonda").

This is probably going to make you cry. Sorry I'm not sorry.