Serenity Now: How a Relaxation Cassette is Saving My Life

If 2016 has taught me anything, it’s that I probably need professional help. Just kidding. But seriously I might. 

In order to bring more laughter into my daily routine, I’ve been watching reruns of Seinfeld in the evenings while I’m at the gym on a machine (and also while I’m lying on the carpet not folding laundry), and it’s become a favorite past time of mine. My dad was always a huge Larry David fan, so watching or reminiscing over Seinfeld/Curb was a constant for us. The best part about watching in syndication is that you’ve think you’ve seen every episode, and a new one pops up that you hadn’t seen before. Or, an absolutely perfect episode pops up and you learn about a foolproof relaxation technique from the one and only Frank Costanza.

Serenity Now

This is from Seinfeld. I don't own the rights to this, I just want to share my favorite moments from this great show.

It all started with the scene where George & his parents are in the car and Frank first yells “serenity now, serenity now” and explains how the man on the tape tells him to say it when his blood pressure is high. Of course I’m cracking up over this—but then I think to myself, “wait a minute…he might be onto something.” 

I immediately picture myself screaming “SERENITY NOW” in moments of high stress or anxiety—when I’m out at Target, fighting the crowd to shop for unnecessary Christmas gifts, when I’m stuck behind someone who refuses to drive the posted speed limit, when someone cuts me off in traffic and I’m forced to slam on my brakes, when I’m at work and something frustrating happens, etc.

It’s funny to imagine doing this in public, because people will guaranteed think you’re crazy. But aren’t we all faced with day to day experiences where it would be totally appropriate to do so? (If you’re not, please contact me privately to discuss the pill regimen you’re on). 

You’re Not Giving Away Our Water Pick

We find out later from Lloyd Braun that the problem with serenity now is that it doesn’t work, as it just bottles up the anger and eventually, you blow. In his case, you kill your family and put them in the freezer, then end up in the looney bin. Serenity now, insanity later!

And as far as bottling up everything, isn’t that what most people do anyway? To me, screaming “SERENITY NOW” is an outlet where any feelings of anger, stress, frustration, and general negativity can just fly right out of your body. It’s like a verbal burning of palo santo or sage, keeping the negative energy out and allowing the positive to be reborn. 

Insanity Later

At the risk of going completely insane, like Kramer did, I plan on utilizing the serenity now mantra whenever I can. My weekly palo santo cleanse after I deep clean the house will no longer be accompanied by playing Purple Rain on vinyl. It’ll be me, walking around with no music, screaming “SERENITY NOW” at the top of my lungs. I’ll make sure to open my windows while I do it. 

What’s your mantra? Any fellow serenity now-er’s out there? Tweet me & tell me how you relax